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Data Backup

Your computer data is one of the most valuable assets of your business. Conventional wisdom dictates that you routinely create and secure a backup of your data. While it is not difficult to understand why this is good advice, it may not be as easy to keep up with this routine, especially if your backup system is labor intensive - tapes, CD's, every night or every week, who has time!?

Redshift Technology has the answer. A unique combination of some versatile and inexpensive hardware and just the right software makes complete system backups not only easy but unbelievably quick. An entire system can be completely backed up in 5-10 minutes!

Norton Ghost and Drive Trays

Now you can protect your business from all those menaces that result in data loss and which a good backup strategy is intended to combat:

  • Computer hardware failure (hard disk crash)
  • Equipment Theft
  • Fire
  • User error
  • Unrecoverable database corruption
  • Virus infection and/or critical file damage

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Norton Ghost™ is a Symantec™ product.
Visit the Symantec™ web site for more information.

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