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System Administration

Keeping your computers in top condition can be a labor-intensive and time-consuming responsibility. Not only can a problematic computer steal valuable time from your day, it can even completely prevent you from accomplishing some important business tasks.

This is why it is important to have access to a resource that responds quickly and efficiently to your computer maintenance needs. If your business has not grown to the point where you have recognized the need or the revenue to justify having a full-time support resource, Redshift Technology is just who you are looking for.

Automatic Pilot

Not only will we take on the responsibility of maintaining your computers - hardware, software and "nerve-wear" - we will act as your agent when dealing with tricky and frustrating ordeals like getting technical support and customer service from your computer vendors. No one knows when computer problems will arise, but when they do, take comfort in knowing that you won't have to magically find time in your schedule or your staff's to deal with them. Assistance from Redshift Technology is only a phone call away.

Wherever You May Roam

Assign Roaming Administrator responsibilities to Redshift Technology - it is a simple but effective way to keep Murphy's Law in check. This means that you arrange for regular visits from us to address computer-related issues. You maintain a running list of questions, issues, and tasks to be brought up at the regular meeting and present them when the time comes.

We show up at the appointed times and tackle new tasks that have developed and report on the status of past or ongoing efforts. This is a great way to maintain continuity of solutions and to take advantage of excellent computer support on a part-time basis. You get all the benefits of full-time support at part-time expenses.

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