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Consulting Services

Redshift Technology offers a full complement of consulting services to fill custom needs driven by your business.

  • Technology Audits
    Begin your relationship with Redshift Technology by allowing us to perform a focused audit of the technology you use in your business and how effectively you are using it
  • E-Business Support
    This offering serves a need that is a rapidly growing and diverse element of business everywhere. Presenting your business in a modern, sophisticated medium does not have to be a huge effort. Here is a list of e-business communication examples:
    • Web site development and hosting
      Your first entry into this arena can begin as a simple web site promoting your business. As you discover what your customers need and how they can take advantage of your presence on the Internet, your web site can develop into a valuable tool for you to communicate with them and vice versa. Also, when you establish your web site, you will usually purchase a domain name (.com) related to your business. Once you own this, it is a simple matter to enable coordinated email addresses for your company and your employees which use the same .com name. Not only does this provide a professional image for your company online, but the recurring use of this name cements it in the mind of your customers.
    • Electronic presentations for customers, distributors, or press coverage
      Content from the web site can then be reused as part of an electronic presentation that you send to specific targeted customers or prospects. This gives you a unique tool to impress them and differentiate yourself from the competition.
    • Email publications to get the word out about your business
      Or, you can use your web site as a way to gather subscriber addresses for a periodic email distribution or newsletter that keeps them up to date on your latest developments - and keeps you in the front of their minds.
  • Hardware Specification, Purchase, and Installation
    When it comes time to add, replace, or upgrade equipment used in your business, allow us to assist you. We will help define and document your requirements, which will in turn drive the specifications for the hardware or systems in question. With the specifications defined, Redshift Technology will do the leg-work to research and document the alternatives, delivering a recommendation to you for which solution best suits your needs. Finally, when it comes time to install, we will be there to guide the project through startup, debugging, and production launch.

But, really, the possibilities are limitless. If you have a particular need to fill but don't know how, or just know that you need a new way to pursue new business, Redshift Technology can help.

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