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E-Business Support

Maybe you think you have heard too much hype about e-business and not seen enough substance for yourself. Redshift Technology is here to tell you that there are real, attainable improvements that you can achieve with even just a few simple e-business principles.

Just consider the following improvements to your business:

  • Keep in better contact with your customers
  • Let your customers contact you however is best for them
  • Appeal to a whole new market or to old markets in a completely new and revolutionary way
  • Maintain better control over your business's resources
  • Reduce the expense and delay associated with conventional forms of communication
  • Keep more convenient and protectable records of your business activities
  • Streamline a wide range of office operations

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but each one of these results can be realized with modest investment in some new processes. Here are some examples of e-business solutions:

  • Electronic newsletters distributed to confirmed subscribers interested in your company
  • A web site which makes yours and your company's story available to all, lets them respond to you, and gives your business a whole new outlet
  • Impactful presentations that effectively convey your company's message and get you noticed
  • Communications with your suppliers and customers that keep business information more up-to-date than ever

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