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Links We Like

Below are links to Web sites that we use or refer to regularly.

Google™ - Simply the best web search engine on the web. Before you ask someone else, ask Google.


W2K News™ - The latest news and information on issues surrounding the use, implementation, and deployment of Windows 2000.

W2K News

WinXP News™ - The same as the W2K site, but for Windows XP, the up and coming replacement to Windows 2000 technology. It may not be the best Operating System solution available right now, but soon it might be the only game in town.

WinXP News

Bart's Boot Disk - This is great technology from an ambitious individual who is sharing the effective tools he has written with the rest of the world.

Bart's Boot Disk

Symantec™ - The people who are best known for their Anti-Virus software also have a few other tricks up their sleeve. Redshift Technology is particularly fond of their Ghost applications for disk imaging.


ZoneLabs - The web site where the makers of the fine ZoneAlarm® firewall software make it available for free download. ZoneLabs

V Communications - V makes all manner of great system management tools like System Commander®, Partition Commander®, and Copy Commander™.

The OS Files - Another greatly informative site, associated with V Communications. This site is a comprehensive repository of information on all PC operating systems.
The OS Files

PestPatrol™ - The web site where you can find the newest addition to computer protection software. PestPatrol™ keeps guard against spyware and trojan horse activity on your system. Pest Patrol

Sunbelt Software - This web site is closely related to the W2K News and WinXP News sites listed above. Not only do these folks provide coverage of the latest in technology and prudent computer operations they develop great software tools as well.

Sunbelt Software

Sysinternals Freeware™ - Here is another excellent resource for power tools to tease the most out of Windows systems.

Sysinternals Freeware

alltheweb.com - This site is a new up-and-comer taking a charge at Google's dominance in web search excellence.


Counterpane Internet Security - A well-respected Internet security and monitoring company founded by Bruce Schneier. Bruce remains CTO of the company, is the author of Applied Cryptography, and also produces a monthly newsletter about Internet security, which Redshift Technology reads regularly.

NTSecurity.com - A great site for background and the latest in products for Windows NT-based operating systems (NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP).

Windows 2000 FAQ - This is a bottomless pit of all the in's and out's of using WindowsNT/2000/XP.

Linksys - A prolific producer of networking products and specialty computer peripherals. Their products represent the best of modern technology at affordable consumer prices.

Netgear - Another notable entry in the networking hardware space, their products equal Linksys' in quality, variety, and value.

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