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About Redshift Technology
Technology Experts and Business Computing Consultants

Redshift Technology is a partnership of two experienced, independent technology consultants in the San Francisco Bay Area. However, we are not your typical "computer only" technicians - we are experienced problem solvers who can share your vision for how to most effectively accomplish your business's critical tasks and make that vision a reality.

We are most in our element when helping you respond to a new or established business need which requires a workable solution that is economical.

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Center of operations is the Cupertino/Mountain View area on the Peninsula. Our specialties include network configuration and debugging, hardware assembly, installation and support, and software configuration.

Our expertise is constantly increasing and changing. Most activities consist of "Roaming System Administrator" responsibilities for companies that do not have their own full-time IT Support resources. Recent new ventures include commercial web site development for several existing customers of our other services as well as electronic media projects.

Our combined areas of expertise:

  • Cost-effective and effortless high-speed backup of large data volumes
  • Computer construction, configuration, debugging and support
  • Digital imaging - capture, transfer, processing, conversion, and output
  • Operating system installation and configuration
  • Management of multiple OS's on one system
  • Hardware upgrades - full-service, from specifications to launch
  • Application installation and support
  • Application testing and Quality Assurance
  • Professional Services consulting in the product engineering field
  • Dimensional Management of Mechanical Systems
  • Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing

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