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About Redshift Technology

Technology Experts and Business Computing Consultants

Jim Piazza
Consulting Partner
Email: jim@redshift-tech.net

Jim Piazza most recently served as Director of Technical Support at V Communications in San Jose. In this role, he was responsible for coordinating the staff of technicians supporting customers who were using V Communications software products like System Commander. He also developed the call tracking system to provide more effective customer relations.

Prior to this, Piazza was the Technical Support Supervisor at OnCommand Video, a provider of automated "movies-on-demand" systems for the hotel industry. He was responsible for keeping installed systems functioning worldwide by providing phone support to the system operators.

At Sawyer Engineering, Piazza participated in a U. S. Navy project to catalog and process information on a large collection of assets owned by the Navy. Piazza was directly responsible for developing and maintaining the database and for sorting the data prior to evaluation. Analysis of this data resulted in recommendations made to the Navy regarding which assets were to be kept in inventory and which were not. Piazza is currently a resident of Cupertino, CA.

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