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Anyone operating more than a few computers without capitalizing on the benefits of a network is just not making the most of their investment. Granted, there are a few situations where networking is not warranted, but by and large, networking enables greater efficiency of those working together - and it certainly does not have to compromise security of your data.

  • Network Design
    Once you know that you need a network, or that you need to upgrade or integrate existing networks, the next question is "how?" Redshift Technology can help you with these answers and probably offer some questions you have not even thought of.
    For remote facilities or separate buildings, ask us about Wireless Networking!

  • Server Strategy
    To enable sharing of data, applications, or resources such as printers in a network environment the most effective approach is to assign one or more machines as servers. Configuration and maintenance of these machines is where effort can then be focused to keep your data safe and secure.
  • Client Management
    With a network established and servers at the ready, the management of the client computers, where your employees do their work, is the next step of bringing order out of the chaos. Restricting the access of the clients to only the data and applications that they need greatly reduces the incidence of mishaps that can cause data loss, confusion, or even damaged hardware.
  • Operating Systems
    When it comes time to select a PC operating system, take a look at Redshift Technology's round-up of operating system choices. We comparatively rank each one and discuss its benefits and drawbacks.
  • Broadband
    One of the most significant advantages of instituting an office network is the ability to easily share a high-speed Internet connection. If your business is getting by with a few accounts at America Online or another provider using dial-up access over a phone line, you owe it to yourself to consider an upgrade. Our customers that upgrade to a broadband Internet connection are never less than amazed at how much more satisfying and efficient their online experiences are than when they were prisoners of dial-up access.
  • Cabling
    If installing or integrating existing networks in your office requires cabling, Redshift Technology will manage the details to get all the necessary machines connected.

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