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Network Design

Networks, like any form of architecture, can be quite varied. An efficient network is purpose-built for the tasks and capabilities it is intended to support. Achieving a good solution requires a careful review of the requirements you have for your network. Greatly varying requirements will results in different network designs.

How do you make sense of it all? Redshift Technology will meet with you to determine your needs for implementing a network and help you not only determine existing requirements but also plan for the future from the beginning. This way, when it comes time to include new capabilities and technology, you will not have to abandon the network you have invested in.

Your network, designed by Redshift Technology, will reflect consideration in all of the following areas:

  • Optimization of Throughput
  • Cost Control
  • Security and Robustness
  • Ease of Expansion (Scalability)
  • Subnetting (subdivision of network domains)
  • Addressing schemes

Contact Redshift Technology to receive free consultation on network design strategy.

If you just want to read up on some network design basics, take a look at our Network Primer.

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