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Server Strategy

A great way to make better use of a busy network is to assign certain machines as servers and dedicate them to the tasks that don't need to be done right at someone's desk. Routine tasks such as printing, file and application sharing, and data backup are all items which can be relocated to a central server. This keeps desktop workstations (clients) free to do immediate user tasks like accessing email and the Internet, database management, and word processing.

A good server strategy clearly defines which machines are used for what tasks and is based upon a balancing of computing workloads so that each machine works more efficiently. But operating in a server-client mode can provide many more benefits:

  • More comprehensive security policies
  • Increased control over user privileges and restrictions
  • Reduced need for redundant hardware, such as printers
  • Centralized file storage for ease of backup
  • Network-wide file access for remote backup

Contact Redshift Technology if you are thinking about establishing a network and need to plan for division of responsibilities between servers and clients. Our expertise and diverse experience can help you design a stable, robust network.

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