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One of the first requirements of networking a group of computers is the presence of a physical connection. This is usually accomplished with Category 5 cables attaching each computer's Network Interface Card (NIC) to a central device. Exactly what central device is selected to interconnect the computers is dependent upon the purposes of the network. Also, the exact layout of the network may depend on the capabilities you want it to have and what pieces of the final network are already present in your facility.

If you have outdated infrastructure, obsolete cable types, or no networking at all, Redshift Technology can provide the materials and expertise necessary to get your network into top running condition. Once these connections are made, the sky is the limit for interoperation of computers in your office. You are then enabled to provide:

  • Email and Internet access for all computers (assuming an Internet connection is present)
  • File and Printer Sharing within your office
  • Multi-User applications such as QuickBooks, etc.
  • Backup of all your computers over the network to a single backup device
  • Centralized control over user access to computer systems

See the section on Network Design for more details.

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