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Linksys® Broadband Router

Broadband! It's Time!

There is good reason why broadband devices are a popular and growing means of accessing the Internet: they really are a great leap ahead of dial-up modem technology.

More than that, once you have broadband access established, it is a simple matter to share that access with several users. It is much easier and more affordable than broadband providers would like you to believe. All it takes it a simple device such as that shown above. Pictured is a Broadband Router from Linksys® that provides everything you need to connect up to four PC's directly to a single Broadband Internet connection. Or, if you already have a network established, just attach this device, and all of your machines (up to 253) can immediately be given Internet access.

Whether you choose cable broadband (which is provided by the TV cable from your local cable company) or DSL broadband (which uses the existing phone wires already entering your property), these modems provide a superior experience to dial-up technology, and service is available from a wide variety of providers.

A single broadband connection is great for residential use, a home office, and even a small office situation. Contact Redshift Technology to aid in the selection and installation of your broadband service. We'll give you an unbiased account of the cable and DSL broadband services available in your area and advice on which to select. When it comes time to install, we'll be there to coordinate all the details. But to get the most out of your new service, we can also install any equipment necessary to share that connection and keep it secure.

More on Security >>

Visit the Linksys® web site for more product information.
Linksys® and the Linksys logo are trademarks of Linksys.
Image courtesy of Linksys®.

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