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Acqusition of New Hardware and Software

"If you are not getting ahead, you are falling behind. " This adage is definitely not an exaggeration when it comes to the tools your business uses to get the job done. Constant improvements in hardware and software make it worth your while to keep an eye on emerging products. When it comes time to take a survey of what new tools are on the market, keep Redshift Technology in mind.

We can aid you with comprehensive research on product areas you are interested in.

  • Side-by-side product comparisons
  • Cost Analysis
  • Return on Investment calculations

And when it comes time to assimilate your new technology into your business, remember that Redshift Technology offers User Coaching. We will guide you through the learning process of getting your new addition into everyday business.

If you are contemplating the idea of replacing or adding to your business tools, contact us to gain valuable assistance in finding the right solution.

Example - Revolutionary Phone Systems

One good example of some potent technology for small businesses can be found in phone technology. Once you are faced with the decision of graduating from regular phone service (POTS - plain old telephone service) you are quickly confronted with the prospect of installing a Private Branch Exchange (PBX). This is the "old standard."

There are products on the market today, such as 3Com's® SuperStack 3® and NBX® 100 phone systems. These systems can be deployed for only a few hundred dollars per user and can scale up to thousands of phone extensions in multiple office locations. Legacy PBX installations easily reach tens of thousands of dollars before you even get a dial tone.3Com® SuperStack® 3 NBX® Phone System

This revolutionary new class of products leverages your existing computer network and is worth considering when confronted with expansion or replacement of your phone system.

Visit 3Com's web site for more information.

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