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User Coaching

All the technology in the world will not do your business a bit of good unless someone there knows how to make use of it. One of the unfortunate truths about the new economy rife with technology is that, too often, the focus is on the gadgetry and "gee-whiz" and not on usability.

This results in the widespread acceptance of some products and systems that are just not "ready for prime-time." We all have our favorite stories about a uniquely bad experience with some flawed product or service. The frustration comes in when it is one of these products that has become important in your business for one reason or another.

In many cases, a little education is all it takes. It need not be formal and in-depth, but a few tips and guidelines can work wonders.

Your Technology Experts

Redshift Technology is your source for getting a handle on troublesome or problematic technology issues. Having trouble with a software application? We will coach you into a better understanding of how to accomplish your tasks with that program. Have something that just simply won't work the way you want? We can help you find workarounds to avoid weaknesses in a product, or we can come up with a replacement for part or all of it.

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