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AntiVirus Protection

Any computer owner who does not already know about the risks imposed by computer viruses will learn eventually - one way or another. Don't be one of the unlucky few who learns this lesson by becoming a victim.

Protecting yourself is simple, but you must make sure that your protection is adequate and current. Redshift Technology can set up AntiVirus software for all of your computers and show you how to keep that software supplied with up-to-the-minute virus information for the late-breaking threats discovered by virus researchers.


Here are the minimum recommended actions to keep your system virus-free:

  • Install current AntiVirus software from a respected publisher
  • Keep the virus definitions current by updating them weekly, or at least bi-weekly
  • Run a complete system virus scan at least once a week
  • Keep complete, current backups of your system

The Unthinkable

Sometimes even with preventive measures, a virus can get into your system and start causing errors. If you suspect virus activity on your computer, whether you have taken these preventive measures or not, Redshift Technology will respond to your virus incident immediately and take action to prevent further spread of the virus. Not only will we rid your system of the virus, we will make any possible repairs to your system and return you to operation.

While not all data is 100% recoverable in every case, taking the preventive measures listed above will greatly increase the chances of complete and successful recovery.

If you suspect a virus contact Redshift Technology immediately.

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