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AntiVirus Protection - cont'd

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Want to Test Your Current Protection?

The European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research (EICAR) has produced some "test viruses" that will demonstrate whether or not your installed AntiVirus solution is working against a few different types of threat. Visit their web page to get more details.

EICAR Web Site

The EICAR Test Virus page is here.

If you just want a quick demonstration, click the link below to download a HARMLESS virus-like test file.

Filename: eicar.com
Size: 70 bytes
Effects of the test:

  • If your AntiVirus program is functioning, you will receive a message from that program that a virus has been detected. You can either permit the program to eradicate the virus, or, if you like, have it let the virus through.
  • If your AntiVirus program is either not functioning or not present, or you choose to let the virus through, eicar.com will open a DOS window and display the following message:


If this file had been a real virus, it might have done something much more disruptive than simply display a message!

WARNING!! Just because your AntiVirus solution detects this test virus does not mean you are comprehensively protected. The EICAR test virus is nothing but a slow-pitch to your computer to see if your AntiVirus software can notify you of suspicious activity. Viruses that are more insidious will do all they can to avoid detection, unlike this simple test.

If you suspect a REAL virus on your system contact Redshift Technology immediately.

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