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Data Backup - cont'd

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Your data is protected by being copied onto a removable hard drive which you can safely and easily remove from your computer and transport to an off-site location. In the event you need to recover your system, simply reinsert the removable backup drive and start the computer with it rather than with your normal hard drive.

This system has many advantages over most other backup systems, which use lower capacity media such as tape cartridges, hard drive cartridges, or Recordable CD's:

  • Datasets are absolutely inclusive - this means that you will not have to concern yourself with selecting which files or folders to backup. The entire hard drive is copied in an operation called cloning. Nothing gets missed.
  • Capacity is not a problem - you never have to worry about finding tapes or disks that are the right size or how many tapes or Recordable CD's you will need in order to hold the data from a backup session. Specifying that your removable backup hard drives be no smaller than the drive you are backing up ensures you will not run out of space. Each time you perform a backup, the entire drive is overwritten, using the full capacity available.
  • Backup media is immediately bootable - in the event of loss of normal computer operation, just insert the backup hard drive and start the system. You avoid the nightmare of realizing that the software that operates your tape drive was on the hard drive that just crashed.
  • Speed - large volumes can be backed up at the full data transfer rate of your hard disk subsystem. On most computers in operation today this rate can be as high as 10MB/sec. - much faster than any tape drive of reasonable price or a writable CD drive.

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