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Here you can find all the details about our service offerings. We offer a wide range of valuable support for our clients in a variety of areas. Our major service areas are outlined below.

  • Business Solutions
    This area of our practice is aimed at keeping YOU in business and running in top form. Primary to that mission is safeguarding your business data from computer viruses, hardware failure, and theft. We can also isolate your equipment from harmful power supply conditions and educate you and your employees so you don't unintentionally become your own worst enemy.
  • Consulting Services
    When it comes time to select and acquire new computer equipment or other assets in order to keep up with your growing business, Redshift Technology will do the research and compile a comparative analysis to help you select the best solution. In addition, we offer a variety of e-business services that will keep you in the game when it comes to the most modern and effective forms of business communication.
  • Networking
    Every office quickly reaches a point where providing a computer network is a great leap forward in convenience and power. Redshift Technology is the source for solutions to your business networking needs. We will meet with you to define your requirements, design a suitable and cost-effective solution, and implement the design. Or, if you already have a network that has arisen out of necessity, we can help you make the most of your investment by optimizing it and planning for the future.
  • CNC Systems
    For companies that are in the machining business, Redshift Technology provides the know-how you need to maintain and upgrade the communications from your CNC code editing system to all your CNC machines. We can also help you devise better ways for you to accept and deal with customer part drawings and to make your processes for G-code generation and management more easy.
  • Digital Imaging
    There are many reasons why you may be in need of creating digital images - for use in print publications or web sites promoting your business, buying or selling large equipment without requiring the buyer to actually visit, or simply for documentation purposes (insurance, etc.). Redshift Technology can help with these services.

There are literally thousands of ways to improve your business with computer technology. Let Redshift Technology help you make sense of how you can do that effectively and affordably.

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