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PC Construction Project

Here is one example of a Redshift Technology custom job. The order was to build a brand new PC from scratch that used the most up-to-date hardware, but not so new that it was priced as top-of-the-line (i.e., make it affordable). The PC is to be used for many types of multimedia projects, but ultimately it has to be capable enough to reliably handle digital video editing.

DVD Is For Me

Any modern video station worth its salt today has to be able to output to DVD, so a DVD writer was first on the list of must-haves. Some research on the Internet revealed a huge amount of information on one of the competing DVD formats, DVD+RW. There is an entire web site devoted to the community supporting DVD+RW: www.dvdplusrw.org.

The clear presentation of information here made it easy to compare, evaluate, and select DVD writing hardware. As it turned out, virtually all current generation DVD+RW drives have indentical performance characteristics, so selection simply came down to price and manufacturer reputation.

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